How to be Scent-Free for your Next Trophy BC Black Bear Hunt

Jul 10, 2015 | Black Bear, Hunting Tips

You’ve probably heard of how sharp a bear’s sense of smell is. As you planned your last BC black bear hunt, perhaps you washed your clothes with scent-free detergent, or left your cigarettes behind.

But when you consider the fact a black bear sniffs 2100 times better than a human, you have to plan harder. It’s not enough to have a plain old shower before you hit the hunting terrain when the area within your target’s nose is 100 times larger than yours. Why not maximize trophy bear opportunities during your next BC black bear hunt by taking your scent covering measures to the next level?

The next level in scent-free BC black bear hunting includes:

Drink beer the night before the hunt

If you’re going to drink as part of your hunting holiday, choose beer over spirits. Sweating out the beer will produce a bread-like scent, which attracts carb-loving black bears.

Wash, wash and wash your clothes again

Before you leave for your BC black bear hunting trip, take the clothes you plan to wear while you’re in the field, and wash them three times: once with scent-free detergent, and twice more with water only. This seemingly obsessive routine will ensure you pull out any scents, including perfumed washing products clinging to the fibres.

Pick up scent-control clothing 

Rubber boots and scent-control clothing by reputable brands such as Cabela’s help you maintain a scent-free existence across your BC hunting grounds. Tuck your pants into your rubber boots and cover as much skin as possible to ward off emitting any unwanted smells.

Store all hunting clothing in a sealed plastic bag until you arrive on site

After washing your hunting clothing three times and letting it air dry ( or dry in a machine, so long as you do not use scented fabric softeners), place it all in a sealed plastic bag to store until you arrive at your BC bear hunting destination. This ensures you avoid all those humanly incidentals including drips of gasoline on your pants at the station, second-hand cigarette smoke, or spilled food or drink on your shirt or jacket.

Did we tell you not to smoke? Don’t smoke 

Even chewing tobacco leave obvious traces of smoke scent which the older and more experienced BC black bears (read: trophy bears) recognize instantly as a sign of danger. Don’t waste your incredible opportunity to hunt a trophy BC black bear with the lingering scent of tobacco. Slap on the nicotine patch and start your Canadian adventure right!

Ask your experienced Batnuni Lake guide 

Prior to your booked BC bear hunt at Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters, you have the opportunity to get in touch by email or telephone to have your questions about staying scent-free answered. Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters offers a robust population of black bears as well as color-phased bears, making your hunting trip a diverse and memorable experience packed with adventure, variety and a sense of accomplishment.

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