How to Rock the Rut on Your Next BC Moose Hunt

Oct 6, 2017 | Moose

Are you hunting the rut this year in British Columbia? The ‘rut season’ runs from mid-September until late October. This time period represent some of the most exciting and memorable moose hunting one can experience, for both the seasoned sportsman and newcomer.

The rut is the mating season of ruminant animals including moose, deer and goats. “Moose that are reclusive start the [rut] process by travelling, looking for each other,” says Batnuni Lake Guides & Outfitters guide Jim Linnell.  “Bulls will call and also cows (females) will also call when in heat.”

The rut occurs fairly consistently year over year; the earlier the calves are born, the larger they will be going into winter, which helps their odds of survival against cold weather. In a healthy moose population, cows will be bred on their first heat cycle; one of many steps in being able to continue the circle of life.

With an appreciation for the rut season and a great guide to bring you to success, you can’t go wrong this October in British Columbia for your moose hunting trip.

Make the most of your trip with our tips for rocking the rut on your next BC moose hunt.

1. Practice Your Calls

“Calling is … the most effective way to hunt bulls during the rut, particularly in relatively flat terrain that precludes the opportunity for effective spot-and-stalk hunting,” says Outdoor Canada reporter Ken Bailey.

For beginners, check out this How to Call Moose video on YouTube for pointers on calling moose using just your voice, as well as using a birch bark moose call. If you’re new to calling in a bull moose, remember: “When bulls are actively seeking receptive cows, you don’t need the mimicry talents of Rich Little to enjoy calling success.”

The rut is the optimal time to hone your calls and experience the magnificence of witnessing a moose response up-close.

2. Listen to Your Guide

Your British Columbian moose hunting guide will have the historical knowledge of the area to provide you with the preferred timing and elevations for hunting during the rut. Before you can start calling to lure the moose to your position, you need to have a sense from your guide of where to begin your calls.  As Bailey mentions, “Such professionals will know the area better than almost anyone else,” and you will be in good hands for a successful trip.

3. Prepare to Move

Your guide might recommend a longer jaunt out in search of rutting pits. These are “small scrapes that bulls dig with their front legs, then urinate copiously and regularly into,” Bailey says. Cow moose get excited by the scent of the scrapes, and this lures them towards these in search of a breeding partner.  Scrapes make for ideal general areas to call from.

4. Break in your Shoes Before Your Rut Hunt in BC

Since you will be on the go during your moose hunting trip, you will want to ensure your shoes are comfortable ahead of time. Break them in with hikes and walks for at least one month ahead of your planned trip. For a ten-day trip, you can anticipate a challenge or two, physically, from the amount of ground covered finding that moose. Remember that you are here to escape your normal routine and enjoy yourself in the great outdoors. Take the challenges in stride.

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Reference:  Bailey, Ken. “Tips for Moose Hunting Success.” 22 Oct 2010.