Black Bear and Color-Phased Bears in  BC, Canada

With the healthy high-density population of black bears, you can expect to see multiple bears ranging in size anywhere from 5 to 7 1/2 feet on your guided black bear hunt — with some of the bears weighing in at 500 lbs. 

Color phase black bears are those with naturally-occuring variations in their coat pattern, which can be black, brown, cinnamon, and even bluish-gray.

Guided Black Bear Hunts | Hunt Black Bear in BC, Canada

After introduction to your hunting guide, you will begin the bear hunt that afternoon. During the hunt we will either use 4×4’s, boats and/or horses. The method of hunting is spot and stalk; this helps to maintain a healthy black bear population and to give you an amazing BC bear hunting experience. Departure is in the evening on the last day of the hunt. Additional days may be purchased at a day rate if available.

What to Expect on Your Bear Hunting Trip

Upon booking your bear hunt, we will mail you our information kit that will go over the details of your hunt, our location, and other relevant information.

For Hunters Flying In: Hunters flying in, we will meet you in Prince George at 9 AM on the start date to pick you up, and take you to our spectacular Batnuni lakefront accommodations.

For Hunters Driving In: However, if you should decide to drive, we will meet you in Quesnel, BC and guide you to the Batnuni lakefront accommodations.

Arrival At The Batnuni Lake Accommodations: You will be able to settle in once we arrive at our spectacular lakefront accommodations. We will perform a rifle check to confirm it is in working order and safe to use. After the rifle check will then have lunch and get ready for the big black bear hunt.

Spot & Stalk


Batnuni Lake is a top BC bear hunting area in British Columbia, Canada. Our high success rate combined with a healthy population of BC black bears and color phased bears makes it one of the best hunting experiences in British Columbia. Book a great hunt with us today!

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Important Information About Your Bear Hunting Trip

All Government fees based on 2020 prices and subject to change. BC bear hunting trips dates are tentative and subject to change. Any wounding of Game is considered fatal and a harvested animal. The rest of the hunt will be spent looking for the game until outfitter is satisfied.  H.S.T. Tax 6% applies to everything. Bear Hunt price does not include Hunting License, Species Tags, and Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund Fee or HST tax.


Facts About BC Bears & BC Bear Hunting

British Columbia’s resident black bear population is among the largest in the world with an estimate 100,000+ bears roaming the province.

Spring Black Bear Hunts in Canada, British Columbia

There are 2 bear hunting seasons in BC, Canada: spring and fall.

Spring black bear hunts usually begin in April and ends in June. Spring bear hunting is a long-standing tradition in Canada. In spring, black bears emerge from their winter dens and begin foraging to replenish their energy reserves. Known as the “green up,” this is one of the best times to target bears. In spring, black bears have thick and lush fur, making their pelts more desirable for hunters.

Fall bear hunts usually start in September and end in December while the bears are getting ready for hibernation. In autumn, bears are more alert and weather conditions can quickly shift, which makes hunting conditions more difficult than spring.

Do You Use a Bait Site and Ground Blinds?

No; by law there is NO baiting allowed of bears in BC and it’s really not needed.

Hunting black bear in British Columbia is largely spot and stalk hunt and the bears are often glassed in clear cuts and old logging slashes where there is plenty of green grass and plant material – and ideal habitat for this large omnivore to feed in.

Black Bears are a common table fare for most hunters in BC and the meat is excellent when properly processed into items such as hams, sausages, smokies, pepperoni and other smoked delicacies.

Batnuni Lake Trophy Bear Hunting Guides & Outfitters

We’re an experienced group of guides and outfitters offering moose hunting trips, trophy black bear hunting trips, and trout fishing trips in British Columbia, Canada. Contact us to book a truly memorable experience in the great outdoors.