Beat the Cold and Stay Warm While Hunting

Oct 20, 2016 | Hunting Tips

There is no denying it, the cold weather of fall and winter is fast approaching. With most hunting being only open during this time, hunters are no stranger to the frigid weather. At times, however, it can still prove difficult to stay warm while hunting. Use these tips to help beat the wintry elements, and be able to last out in the woods for as long as it takes.

Prevent Sweat

Be conscious of your energy output while hunting, because if you perspire a lot, then your clothes will get damp on the inside, and eventually become ineffective against the cold. To monitor your sweat output, remove your toque whenever walking for long periods of time. Yes, a majority of our heat is lost through our heads, but the forehead has very high concentrations of sweat glands. If traveling to a stand or blind, walk slowly. Ensure you leave early to give yourself lots of travel time, and don’t wind up in a rush. Applying antiperspirant is one other way you can prevent a lot of sweat to help stay warm while hunting.

Boot Blankets

The feet can be some of the hardest parts on the body to keep warm. Boots will advertise that they can manage in minus weather, but ultimately don’t live up to their own standard. Boot Blankets offer a fairly inexpensive way to double up the insulation around your feet.

Eating the Right Food

Your diet can play a major role in helping you stay warm while hunting. The goal with food is to avoid spikes in blood sugar; these rapid increases and decreases can make you cold. Load up on complex carbohydrates like nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Focus your eating habits on protein-rich beans and unprocessed meats. Try and avoid foods like bread, crackers, candy, or anything high in saturated or trans fats (Warner 5).

Heat Packs

A couple well placed heat packs will ensure your body core stays warm, and help you to feel more comfortable out in the cold. Investing in heat packs is another fairly inexpensive way to stay warm while hunting.

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