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"I would like to send a line thanking you for the great time that I had hunting with you. I appreciate the fact that everything that I had hoped for from you as an outfitter was exceptional. This was a trip of a lifetime for me and your thoroughness and friendly atmosphere assured that all my expectations were met. From the aspect of the setting up the hunt, the tenacity of my guide, and the camaraderie when enjoying the great meals together, it was awesome!...Read More
Pete Adolf
"I wanted to tell you how much I loved my week at camp. It has been an amazing experience, I will never forget! Everything was great from beginning till the end. The organization, the team of guides, the cook, the camp...the deers, the mooses, and of course, the bears...Read More"
Ed DeVulpian
"Moose and wolf are plentiful in this region. As well, this region is well known for large black bear, which typically range between 5 and 7 feet square. They have opportunities at "phase" colored bear as well. Jim and Lyle conduct "spot and stalk" method bear hunts and made the adventure easy for a non-Canadian citizen by processing all of the necessary paperwork and providing timely tips regarding transport of firearms from the US into Canada...Read More"
Doug Dostal
"It was a fun hunt. You all delivered everything you promised. The hunting was professional, the facilities were great, the food was excellent and the family atmosphere was more than should be expected. To top it all off Ron and I each got our bear, & I got my moose. We stalked the moose, Ron made an excellent shot and the moose is happy in his new home...Read More"
J N Grimes

Batnuni Lake Guide & Outfitters offers the truest form of fair chase hunting....SPOT and STALK.

Batnuni Lake Guides and Outfitters is located in one of British Columbia's premier wilderness areas which has incredibly dense populations of moose and bear. This outdoorsman's haven provides a rich habitat from gentle rolling hills to high mountains; you will find the terrain will give you a unique British Columbia hunting trip that few have experienced.

Batnuni Lake not only offers premier moose and bear hunts but also timber wolf, cougar and lynx hunts.

Choose us for your next guided bear or moose hunt in BC and you will not be disappointed.

Batnuni Lake Guide & Outfitters has been featured on the Outdoor Channel , Wild TV with Cabelas' Ultimate Adventures and Archers' Choice with North America's favourite hunting couple, Ralph & Vicki Cinanciarulo.