Tips For Planning An Epic Moose Hunt In BC

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Tips For Planning An Epic Moose Hunt In BC

An epic moose hunt in BC is a big deal. It’s an exciting and costly adventure. To ensure you enjoy this experience review these planning tips that will guide you through your BC Moose Hunt adventure.

Do you need help planning your hunting trip, are you wondering what things to consider when picking an outfitter, or how to prepare your gear? Read this page for ideas and tips as well at other blog posts from Batnuni Lake Guides and Outfitters.

Setting your own hunting expectations

What do you want from your BC epic moose hunt experience? Do you want bragging rights about the experience. Is it about those massive antlers hanging on your wall? Do you want it all, and to stock up your deep freeze with meat? Set your own expectations before planning your hunt.

Know your moose hunting area in BC

How you pick your moose hunt area is a big part of your hunting success. Selecting one of BC’s top moose hunting guides with increase your success rates. BC produces large bulls. To hunt a large moose you’ll need to go remote. The further north in BC you go the larger the bulls.

DIY or Guided moose hunt

It's important to know that if you are not a BC resident, you need a guide and can’t go with DIY.  There are hunting regulations in place and it's more beneficial to go with an organized guided hunt . With a guided hunt it is the outfitters goal that you have successful hunt and they usually take care of equipment, lodging and licenses for you. These items all add up and can get expensive. On the other hand as a Canadian resident choosing to DIY all depends on your budget and expertise. If you’re an avid hunter then DIY may be the way to go. You’re likely experienced and have the scouting, hunting, camping equipment as well as the permits you need.

Select the right guided outfitter for your hunt

Hunting a large animal like a BC moose sets you up for meat for a while, figuring out a way to get all that meat off the mountain has its own set of challenges. To  get that epic experience that you are looking for it’s best to have a guide. To seek a competent outfitter that’s right for you look for experience, make sure they are well connected, they have good equipment, great hunting locations and a facility to make your hunt enjoyable and successful. No matter how you find the right guided outfitter, check their references.

Budget for hunting expedition

There’s no sense shopping for a hunt you can’t afford. You will need to establish a budget. There may be bargains available, however an inexpensive hunt is not necessarily good nor bad. You will see a gap between what you can afford and what makes an epic moose hunt in BC realistic for you. Guided costs in Canada for a 10 day hunt can start at $8,500 and more depending on what’s included. Here’s an idea on cost from Batnuni Lake Outfitters.

Know what seasons to hunt

During the early seasons you will need to hunt higher elevations. This takes you away from openings. Hunting during the moose rut; from mid-September to end of October is the best time to get in that adventurous epic hunt. The rut is the mating season for moose and other ruminant animals.

Check your hunting clothing

You want to make sure that your hunting clothing helps you stay warm and comfortable during your BC moose hunt. Make you have clothes that don’t make noise when you move; fleece or wool is best. Always blend into your atmosphere so that you are invisible from your hunt. You’ll be hiking a fair bit; good quality, warm and waterproof boots are highly recommended. Wear your boots ahead of time to discover any hot spots or other issues.

See the doctor before your hunting trip

You’ll be in the middle of the bush during your moose hunt and there aren’t any pharmacies close by. Before you leave for your trip it’s best to get a physical done to make sure you don’t run into any health complication. Stock up on any medication you may need. Six months prior to your trip start a training program if you’re not already conditioned so that you can carry a pack, your hunting gear and hike in the wilderness.

Hunting firearms and ammunition

Check with your guide before purchasing any ammunition. Determine what caliber you will need. You will likely want to go with a heavier bullet, as moose are tough and you need your ammo to be tougher. You are looking for a clean kill and you want to maximize your potential while minimizing the amount of suffering and struggle the animal will incur.

Rifle Practice

Practice. Practice. Shoot as often as possible leading up to the season. Practice realistic positions. Most importantly, don’t forget to practice in your hunting gear. Things feel different when you’re wearing your bino harness, a backpack, and several other layers.

Moose Call Practice

As part of your epic moose hunt adventure it’s worth giving your moose call a sincere practice. You don’t need to be perfect. It’s not only the hunt that’s adventurous it’s also the thrill of attracting a moose by calling it during the rut. Practice with these moose calling tips.

Pre-Trip hunt packing, gear and documents

Pack your gear long before your moose hunt. Packing will help you identify any missing pieces and verify that all your equipment fits into your luggage. If you discover issues or items that aren’t going to work, it’s better to deal with it now than the week of departure.



Non-resident Firearm Declaration - PDF

US Customs - Certificate of registration of personal effects - PDF


  • A warm compressible and packable sleeping bag
  • A pair of camp shoes
  • A pair of waterproof hiking boots 9-11'' high. meindl, Schnees
  • A set of raingear (pants & jacket)
  • Long underwear
  • Wool hat, touqe or stocking cap
  • Water bottle
  • 2 jackets (1 light, 1 down puffy or similar)
  • A pair of leather gloves
  • Camera
  • GPS with spare batteries
  • Headlamp
  • Appropriately sized rifle & ammo w/ soft gun case
  • A good quality backpack 60ltr minimum
  • A wool sweater
  • Binoculars
  • Personal toiletries (towel, toothbrush, etc..)
  • Lighter
  • Mole skin for blisters.
  • Quiet quality hunting clothing (wool, fleece) This is so important, especially on a moose hunt.

The key to any successful hunt is being prepared. Stay safe, warm and happy hunting.

Learn more about your BC hunting guides. Book your next epic BC moose hunt.

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