How Pack Size Factors into Wolf Hunting Success

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How Pack Size Factors into Wolf Hunting SuccessIn 2014, The Department of Wildland Resources (DWR) out of Utah State University, conducted a study in which they attempted to determine the influence of group size on the success of wolves hunting their prey. The study was conducted to test the hypothesis that predators in large groups are more cooperative when hunting a formidable target. The following post will give an overview of this study, to provide … Continued

5 Tips For An Unforgettable Guided Bear Hunt in BC

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The BC Wildlife Branch estimates that between 120 000 – 160 000 black bears roam this diverse province, making British Columbia bear hunting an exciting prospect for hunters from around the world. With the knowledgeable assistance of a professional guide, hunting sportsmen and women of all experience levels can witness the awe-inspiring adrenaline rush of spot-and-stalk black and color-phased bear hunting in British Columbia. Tag a bear this fall season and enjoy an outdoor experience … Continued

How To Be Scent-Free For Your Next Trophy BC Black Bear Hunt

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You’ve probably heard of how sharp a bear’s sense of smell is. As you planned your last BC black bear hunt, perhaps you washed your clothes with scent-free detergent, or left your cigarettes behind. But when you consider the fact a black bear sniffs 2100 times better than a human, you have to plan harder. It’s not enough to have a plain old shower before you hit the hunting terrain when the area within your … Continued