Spot and Stock or Bait Hunting

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Spot and Stock or Bait Hunting

Bears hunts, the question asked by many hunters spot and stock or bait hunts. I get many calls about this. The 1st thing I tell hunters spot and stock are fully guide hunts and will cost more. You have a guide with you at all times your not droped off at a tree stand in the afternoon and left there till dark. Spot and stock bears hunts are the truest form of hunting, harvesting a bear with his head in a barrel, well, I’ll leave it at that. The other main reason to have a guide while bear hunting , its one of the hardest animals to judge. You have nothing to compare it with,like other animals Horns, Antlers etc. I’ll talk about judging bears at a diffferent date. Last year at Batnuni our best day of Bear hunting produced 33 bear sightings in one day,not to bad. Bear hunting at its finest, come and try the ultimate bear hunting experience SPOT AND STOCK!!! - See more at:

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