Pete Adolf

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“I would like to send a line thanking you for the great time that I had hunting with you. I appreciate the fact that everything that I had hoped for from you as an outfitter was exceptional. This was a trip of a lifetime for me and your thoroughness and friendly atmosphere assured that all my expectations were met. From the aspect of the setting up the hunt, the tenacity of my guide, and the camaraderie when enjoying the great meals together, it was awesome! Even if I hadn’t met with the success that I did in my hunt, by day five, I felt very satisfied with the hunt. Again I want to say thanks to everyone, Rusty my guide for sticking with me, for Bill and Phyllis for the relaxing mealtimes and great food to boot and Jim and Lyle for bringing it all together. I definitely give your place a “two thumbs” up and you may share that with anyone who would ask.

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