Batnuni Lake Guide and Outfitters is considered to have B.C.’s top moose hunting guides. With recent government population surveys on our Game Management Zone, it has been shown that Moose population is stable and increasing. Our bull to cow ratio is one of the highest in B.C., making us a prime location for your BC moose hunt.

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Our moose hunts are conducted during the prime rut times, from mid-September to the end of October, when the animals are responding to calling. This helps ensure the success of the hunter. Our average moose is running between 40 & 45 inches. However, moose in the 50-inch range have been taken yearly!
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What to Expect on Your BC Moose Hunt

Upon booking your moose hunt, we will mail you our information kit that will go over the details of your hunt, our location, and other relevant information.

For Hunters Flying In

For those hunters flying in, we will meet you in Prince George at 9 AM on the start date to pick you up, and take you to our spectacular Batnuni Lakefront accommodations.

For Hunters Driving In

However, if you should decide to drive, we will meet you in Quesnel, BC and guide you to the Batnuni lakefront accommodations.

Arrival At The Batnuni Lake Campsite

You will be able to settle in once we arrive at the Batnuni lakefront accommodations. We will perform a rifle check to confirm it is in working order and safe to use. After the rifle check will then have lunch and get ready for the hunt.
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The Hunt

You will be introduced to your hunting guide and begin the moose hunt that afternoon. We provide field caping, and salting of your moose cape. Ask us for details on meat cutting and taxidermy preparation.


Departure is in the evening on the last day of the hunt. Additional days may be purchased at a day rate if available.
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All Government fees based on 2018 rates and subject to change. Moose Hunt dates are tentative and subject to change. Any wounding of Game is considered fatal and a harvested animal. The rest of the hunt will be spent looking for the game until outfitter is satisfied.
H.S.T. Tax 6% applies to everything. The moose hunting price does not include Hunting License, Species Tags, and Non-Resident Hunter Preservation Fund Fee or HST tax.