BC Best Moose Hunting

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BC Best Moose Hunting Lately we have been asked, who has the best Moose Hunting in BC. Well that a hard question to answer, as we have been 100% opportunity in last few years on Moose and 100% harvest on Bears. An Outfitter to the north of us was trying to tell perspective clients that the he had the best Moose hunting but failed to tell clients of the open season to residents and antler … Continued

Spot and Stock or Bait Hunting

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Bears hunts, the question asked by many hunters spot and stock or bait hunts. I get many calls about this. The 1st thing I tell hunters spot and stock are fully guide hunts and will cost more. You have a guide with you at all times your not droped off at a tree stand in the afternoon and left there till dark. Spot and stock bears hunts are the truest form of hunting, harvesting a … Continued

Spot and Stock Bear Hunts and 2010 provide 100% success for its hunters

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BC Bear hunt specialist Batnuni again was leader of the pack in spring of 201o with 100% success for its clients. A book 7 ft,6in monster was taken with a longbow at 12 yards and was filmed on video, which will be aired soon. Also again we had a larege amount of colored bears taken too.If your looking for a bear hunts look no further as 2011 should be just as exciting. – See more … Continued