BC Best Moose Hunting

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Moose Hunt at Batnuni LakeBC Best Moose Hunting

Lately we have been asked, who has the best Moose Hunting in BC. Well that a hard question to answer, as we have been 100% opportunity in last few years on Moose and 100% harvest on Bears. An Outfitter to the north of us was trying to tell perspective clients that the he had the best Moose hunting but failed to tell clients of the open season to residents and antler restrictions in his area, The proof is in the pudding, you pay for what you get.
Don’t believe in the persons position in a clubs or organizations that makes him a better Outfitter, check all references and ask to speak to his guides that will give you a good outlook. Another question that was asked about Moose or Bear hunting was the 2×1, don’t let an Outfitter talk you into that with another hunter that you don’t know. This is a disaster waiting to happen, price sounds good but what about personalities,missed shots and wounded game. Proving Outfitters for Moose and Bear would never do this and only book you with friends that you have hunted with before. Moose and Bear hunting at its best in BC with Batnuni Lake Guide & Outfitters, give a call with any questions or concerns.




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