How Pack Size Factors into Wolf Hunting Success

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How Pack Size Factors into Wolf Hunting SuccessIn 2014, The Department of Wildland Resources (DWR) out of Utah State University, conducted a study in which they attempted to determine the influence of group size on the success of wolves hunting their prey. The study was conducted to test the hypothesis that predators in large groups are more cooperative when hunting a formidable target. The following post will give an overview of this study, to provide … Continued

Shipping Meat From Your BC Moose Hunt to the USA

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A commonly asked question we get from our hunting guests is how to successfully transport meat from our location in BC to back home in the USA. Because most of our hunting guests travel long distances by either flying or driving, anxieties arise as to how to ensure your game meat makes it securely to your door. Hopefully this post will help answer this popular question, and subside any worries one might have surrounding shipping … Continued

5 Tips For An Unforgettable Guided Bear Hunt in BC

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The BC Wildlife Branch estimates that between 120 000 – 160 000 black bears roam this diverse province, making British Columbia bear hunting an exciting prospect for hunters from around the world. With the knowledgeable assistance of a professional guide, hunting sportsmen and women of all experience levels can witness the awe-inspiring adrenaline rush of spot-and-stalk black and color-phased bear hunting in British Columbia. Tag a bear this fall season and enjoy an outdoor experience … Continued

Tips For Planning An Epic Moose Hunt In BC

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An epic moose hunt in BC is a big deal. It’s an exciting and costly adventure. To ensure you enjoy this experience review these planning tips that will guide you through your BC Moose Hunt adventure.Do you need help planning your hunting trip, are you wondering what things to consider when picking an outfitter, or how to prepare your gear? Read this page for ideas and tips as well at other blog posts from Batnuni … Continued

How To Rock The Rut On Your Next BC Moose Hunt

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Are you hunting the rut this year in British Columbia? The ‘rut season’ runs from mid-September until late October. This time period represent some of the most exciting and memorable moose hunting one can experience, for both the seasoned sportsman and newcomer. The rut is the mating season of ruminant animals including moose, deer and goats. “Moose that are reclusive start the [rut] process by travelling, looking for each other,” says Batnuni Lake Guides & … Continued

The European’s Guide To Choosing A Top Moose Hunt in BC

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Are you looking to spend your next vacation hunting in British Columbia? Batnuni Lake, with its scenic landscapes and high density wildlife population, offers the best moose hunt in British Columbia. Below you will find some tips and information on traveling to BC for a moose hunt at Batnuni Lake. Travel Information For A Moose Hunt in BC Batnuni Lake is situated in the middle of British Columbia but is considered to be in the … Continued