Tips For Planning An Epic Moose Hunt In BC

Need help planning your hunting trip, things to consider when picking an outfitter, how to prepare your gear and more. An epic moose hunt in BC is a big deal. It’s an exciting and costly adventure. To ensure you enjoy this experience review these planning tips that will guide you through your BC Moose Hunt Read More

How To Rock The Rut On Your Next BC Moose Hunt

Are you hunting the rut this year in British Columbia? The ‘rut season’ runs from mid-September until late October. This time period represent some of the most exciting and memorable moose hunting one can experience, for both the seasoned sportsman and newcomer. The rut is the mating season of ruminant animals including moose, deer and Read More

The European’s Guide To Choosing A Top Moose Hunt in BC

Are you looking to spend your next vacation hunting in British Columbia? Batnuni Lake, with its scenic landscapes and high density wildlife population, offers the top moose hunt in BC. Below you will find some tips and information on traveling to BC for a moose hunt at Batnuni Lake.  Travel Information For A Top Moose Read More

Should I Take My Kids on a BC Bear Hunt?

If your child is over the age of ten, the short answer from Batnuni Lake Outfitters BC Bear Hunt guide and co-owner Jim Linnell is: “You bet!” A BC Bear Hunt Makes For Lifelong Family Memories By introducing your child or children to the experience of hunting from an early age, you establish a sense Read More

Shipping Meat From Your BC Moose Hunt to the USA

A commonly asked question we get from our hunting guests is how to successfully transport meat from our location in BC to back home in the USA. Because most of our hunting guests travel long distances by either flying or driving, anxieties arise as to how to ensure your game meat makes it securely to Read More

Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics

With the fall turkey hunting season opening in most areas during the month of October, now is a more important time than ever to brush up on your turkey hunting tactics. Below is a list of tips to help you refresh your mind, or learn new information going into this year’s turkey hunting season. Find Read More

How to Locate a Black Bear

British Columbia is home to one of the highest populations of black bears in the world. Because of this fact, BC has become a hotspot for hunting these animals. But although black bear are abundant in the region, their signs may be confusing and difficult to interpret. Today’s post will offer three examples of black Read More

Tips for Hunting Deer During the Rut

The rut (deer mating season) can be the most chance worthy time of year to tag a deer. Bucks are frantically searching for a mate, and in doing so slightly lower their guard on the potential presence of a hunter. However, do not expect this time in the open season to be a cakewalk. Below Read More